TARTUFFE GALA - Thu., May 23, 2019 @ 6:30 PM

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X*ACT Repertory Theater - For Tartuffe GALA 

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Moliere’s Tartuffe.

Each play will be shown on alternate nights for 2 weekends - May 23- June 2

  • Tartuffe Directed by Connie Strait
  • Twelfth Night   Directed by Tony Copper 


 SPECIAL FUNDRAISER Admission $20 | Seniors/Students $17 | Members $18 

or 2 TICKETS TO BOTH TARTUFFE and Twelve Night

GENERAL Admission $28 |Seniors/Students $25 | Members $26.50 



Select your 2 GALA TICKETS and use the DISCOUNT CODE "GALA" 

Each order can purchase 2 tickets for alternating GALA shows to get the sale price.  

This is only if the customer buys one ticket to Tartuffe and one ticket to Twelfth Night and uses the GALA discount code. 

The GALA begins at 6:30PM (Doors at 5:30PM) and includes cheese, wine from Caesar's Creek Vineyard, light hors d'oeuvres,  chocolate, coffee, teas and juice. It is hosted as a meet and greet and held in the Coterel Gallery among the artwork made by our CoOp Members.  



Orgon - John Wysong
Dorine - Allie Dyer
Tartuffe - Kyle Mercuri
Cleant – Nathan Hudson
Elmire - Janet Wasson
Mme. Pernelle - Dawn Schluetz
Marianne – Amanda Bass
Damis - Patrick Taylor
Valere- Matthew Benefiel
M. Loyal – Franco Villongco
Police Officer - Brian Laughlin
Flipote - Edith Waugh


Director: Connie Strait
Assistant Director/Stage Manager—Dee Berdine
Shadow Assistant –Carter Hume

May 23, 25, 31, at 7:30 and Sunday June 2 at 3:00 pm

First performed in 1664, it is considered one of Moliere’s best comedies. The story of a man who falls prey to misplaced adoration.  A man named Tartuffe fools Orgon, the wealthy head of the household into thinking that he is good and righteous. Orgon takes in Tartuffe and treats him as if he was of blood relation and is blinded by his façade. Tartuffe tricks Orgon into signing over the deed to his house.  But Tartuffe is arrested under orders from the king, who recognized Tartuffe as a wanted criminal and Orgon’s property is restored to him.


Banned History of Tartuffe

Tartuffe was first performed for King Louis XIV of France in 1664. Although favorably received by the King, the play was banned from public performance due to the strong objections of influential church leaders who considered the play an attack on the very foundations of religion. The Tartuffe controversy constituted the most intriguing and public scandal of the day, involving the monarchy, the church and the arts. Throughout the ban, the play enjoyed great popularity. Because of the scandal, Molière was often invited to give private showings of the play at upper-class salons. Molière resubmitted the play in 1667. Again, it was banned. Finally, after more revisions, the ban was lifted in 1669 and Molière enjoyed the most successful public run of any of his plays. Tartuffe is considered to be Molière’s masterwork and one of the great dramas of western literature.

Character Descriptions for Tartuffe:

  • Orgon (male, 40 -60) Head of household who has fallen under the influence of the
  • hypocrite, Tartuffe
  • Elmire (female, 30-50) Second wife of Orgon, a reasonable and attractive woman who is concerned about her husband
  • Damis (male, 20-30) Son of Orgon, stepson of Elmire
  • Mariane (female 20-30) Daughter of Orgon, step-daughter of Elmire. In love with Valere but Orgon wants her to marry Tartuffe.
  • Mme. Pernelle (female, 60-80) Mother of Orgon, silly woman also deluded by and in thrall to Tartuffe.
  • Valere (male, 25-40) Mariane’s suitor, who is rejected by Orgon in favor of Tartuffe, although Orgon has already promised Mariane to him.
  • Cleante (male, 40-60) Orgon’s brother-in-law; brother of Elmire. His is the voice of reason and calm amidst the chaos.
  • Tartuffe (male, 40-60) a religious hypocrite, an imposter, who weasels his way into Orgon’s confidence and then betrays him.
  • Dorine (female, any age) Mariane’s maid who acts as a cunning manipulator and commentator on the actions of the play and a source of much comedy. Feisty.
  • Flipote (female, any age) Mme. Pernelle’s maid.
  • Loyal, bailiff (male, any age) He serves Orgon his eviction papers.
  • Police Officer (male, any age) He brings Tartuffe to Orgon’s home towards the play’s end.

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